Teversham CE VA Primary School

Inspire Believe Achieve


At Teversham, we think it is important for children to be able to write at length for sustained periods of time. We encourage children to be enthusiastic about writing and, where possible, we try to give them a genuine purpose to write. 

Writing in EYFS

Writing in Early Years is largely driven by the children's learning environment and their interests at the time. Writing is often planned around stories so that children have a purpose and are excited to write. There is also lots of focus on building finger-strength and correct pencil grip. When writing, children are taught to use their knowledge of graphemes and tricky words.

Writing in Key Stage 1

Writing in Key Stage 1 follows on from Early Years. Children are continuously encouraged to use their phonics knowledge when writing new words. Classrooms have displays and resources which reinforce their prior learning (sound mats, high frequency word mats etc).

Again, writing is largely planned around class reading books and cross-curricular opportunities are taken where appropriate. 

Writing in Key Stage 2

Writing in Key Stage 2 follows in from writing in Key Stage 1; children will have developed writing stamina in preparation to write at length regularly. Children become familiar with a range of both formal and informal text types and continue to write for a purpose where possible. 

Writing is planned around a class text or around cross-curricular subjects areas such as Romans in History in Year 4 or Australia in Geography in Year 2 etc.