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Year 3 - making skeletons

Year 3 - testing the strength of different magnets.

Year 3 - testing the friction of different surfaces.

Year 2 Investigating if materials are absorbent or not

Year 3 - Classifying rocks.

Year 3 - Investigating how light travels.

Year 2 - Micro Habitats and mini beast hunting

Launchpad Trip to The Science Museum - June 2019

Magic Mirrors! Peregrine Class using mirror reflection to walk the tight rope!

Peregrine Class dissecting flowers to understand about pollination and fertilisation.

To support their learning about the Circulatory System, Hawk class had a visit from Mr Fabb - a physician's assistant who works with blood on a daily basis.

In our EYFS we learn about the world around us in science. This term we have been learning about Autumn and our bodies.

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