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Welcome to Sparrow Class

EYFS class at Teversham

Meet the team

Class teacher - Mrs Palmer

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lander

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Smith

Music - Mrs Taylor


If you would like to find out more about our EYFS teacher, Mrs Palmer, please click on the document below!

Please take a look at our phonics workshop presentation to find out about how we teach phonics at Teversham.

Our school writing style.

Have a GREAT Summer everyone. It has been an amazing year in Sparrow Class. Remember to keep safe and have a restful Summer. We would like to thank you all for your kind wishes and gifts. It has been a priviledge to teach such an inspirational groups of children. See you all in September!

We had great fun at our Teddy Bears Picnic. We played parachute games, ate food and had a great time!

The builders were using a digger today. We asked them if we could see it work.

We had an amazing day at Wimpole Hall Farm. We learnt about the food we can grow and the animals you would find on a farm. We were all able to feed the pigs, stroke a shire horse and rabbit. To end the day we visited the play park. Well done on walking 9,000 steps Sparrow Class!

Please find our class trip reminder letter here. If you have any questions please just ask!

This week we have been using our creative resources independently. We have been inspired by insects, robots, people and much more! We are enjoying the freedom of choice and this has shown we are a very creative class!

Exploring new learning experiences. We have been inspired by the bugs so we will be going on a bug hunt today!

Teversham Pride Day Assembly.

Remember tomorrow at 2pm you are invited to attend our Pride Day assembly. We look forward to seeing you there!

Today we helped make our Sparrow Class stall for the Teversham Feast. Come along to play buried treasure. We enjoyed making bunting with skull and cross bones for decoration.

Potato growing competition. Today we uncovered our class potatoes. We are going to weight how many we have. Each class in school has done the same....Lets hope Sparrow Class win. Watch this space to find out! WOW we had the school weigh in today and we won with 620g of potatoes in our tub!

Using talk to explore imaginary worlds and our community. We have been using our Happy Street this week. If anyone has the church they could donate to our class we would be grateful!

We have developed our new role play area. We made our own signs and are now enjoying being in a shop. If you have any real cans or boxes of food you could donate for our shop we would be grateful.

Our second session of Bikeability. We are growing in confidence and we all enjoyed the session.

Music fun!

Our new class display of the Hungry Caterpillar. We made the whole display ourselves and even wrote the labels.

We were lucky to have a visit from a special horse called Magic today. We learnt about how to care for a horse and saw her trotting.

Colour mixing fun! This week we have been exploring what happens when you mix watercolour paints. We had the challenge of making brown...We also learnt how to make green, orange and purple. Perhaps you could explore mixing colours with your child at home?

Andrew Goldsworthy inspired art in our Forest School session.

Sparrow Class enjoyed voting in our election today!

In our science exploration this week we have been predicting about a variety of items to see if they will sink or float. We have talked about their materials and then had the opportunity to explore the items to see if they would sink or float. We then had the chance to record and talk about our findings and see if we could draw any conclusions from our findings. Did you know some plastic floats and some sinks?

We were lucky to be able to find out about and see some chicks this week. We have been learning about what we need to do to look after living things to help them survive.

Pentecost Encounter Day. On Monday we all took part in our Pentecost Encounter Day. We found out about this Christian celebration. We ordered the parts of the Bible message and created art inspired by these events. Please take a look at the display in the corridor by the library to see some of our creations.

This week we have been inspired by the story of Supertato. He is a supermarket super hero who rescues vegetables from the Evil Pea. We have all made our own Super Hero masks, potato models and some of us have made junk model heroes. We have even thought of our own Super Hero hames and whar super powers we might have.

This week in phonics we have been reading sentences and matching them to their pictures. The words in the sentences have used all of our phase 2 and phase 3 phonics knowledge. We are trying to remember to read our digraphs and trigraphs in words as one sound. Have a go at home!

Forest Schools making potions with our partners.

Reception "Beep, Beep Day" We were able to role play on the playground. We made roads, car parks and bus stops. We found out about how to be safe around roads and how to cross roads.

Using drills safely to begin making our models!

Measuring using non standard measures. We have been talking about longer and shorter. We have also used tape measures, trundle wheels, metre sticks and rulers this week to compare items by their length.

Rainbow fish inspiration. We have been retelling this familiar story as a role play and puppet show performance. It has been great to see the children's enthuiasm and hear their voice when retelling the story!

Forest Schools exploration time. We enjoyed making our own creatures using items we found in our Forest School area. We worked in pairs and talked about our ideas and choices with our partners.

Our new displays. We are learning about different settings in our world. We have made a jungle and under the sea.

We have been learning about how you you can grow food to eat. We planted cress, cut it, washed it and then made our own cress sandwiches! They were "scrummy and lovely".

It is amazing to see how a big box can change our learning, cooperation and experiences. We have had some large boxes in our class and we have been setting up our own learning choices in them.

This week we have been using counting items to find the answers to some number sentences this week. We have taken the pictures of our learning ourselves and found our name cards to show we had achieved the learning.

We thought about how we could be safe in our new Forest Schools area. We have made some class rules for safety.

Sparrow Class Stunning Start...Welcome to our outside learning area and our new Base Camp for our Forest Schools zone.

Wood Green Visit. We learnt how to look after dogs and how to be safe around unfamiliar and familiar dogs.

Sparrow Wedding

We had a fantastic day yesterday at our Sparrow wedding. We would like to say a great big thank you to everyone in our community that helped with the event. Please enjoy looking at our day from our powerpoint. For those parents that came to our learning journey sharing please take a look as the wedding breakfast has been added.

Easter Encounter Day 2017. We really enjoyed learning in cross Key Stage groups for our Easter Encounter Day. It was fun learning about the meaning of Easter and the Bible story. Please talk to us about our day!

We have been learning about all of the important things our Mum does for us. We have written a class poem to say THANK YOU!

Our wedding preparations are in full swing. Today we have made invitations and decorated table cloths for our wedding breakfast. We have been learning about the parts of a day at a wedding. We each now know our parts for the day and for our home learning this week we will be asked to find some smart clothes for the day. Remember you can come to see pictures of our day and share your child's learning journey next Wednesday after school.

This week we have had the opportunity to learn about how we can look after bees and how important they are. Jack's Grandparents came to visit and we were all able to try honey, spot the queen and find out about how a bee hive is made. We learnt about how the bees collect pollen, make honey and we all were able to plant a sunflower to attract the bees.

This week we have had the opportunity to learn about the role of an electrician. We had a visit from Nuala's Dad and he talked about his job, how to keep safe with electricity and where electricity comes from. We all had the chance to press buttons to make LED lights work. Mrs Palmer liked the disco lights!

Wow, what a day we have had! We walked over 4 miles (10,000 steps). We made dens, climbed a tree house, played on hay bales and much more. Please talk to us about our trip to Anglesey Abbey. Thank you to all of the helpers for the day.

We had a visit from Noah's Dad and he showed us his van full of tools. We all had the chance to use a drill.

We have had help making our new outside storage unit. We followed the instructions to make it. It will keep our resources nice and dry outside.

During the start of science week this week we went and dug up some fresh mud to use in our planters. What fun we had! We all learnt about why we need to be safe and wash our hands.

We have a specialist music session each week. We are all learning how to use instruments.

We have had a change around in our learning environment and this has meant that we have been exploring our resources in a wider variety of ways. Look at some of the small world and number learning we have been having. Our new large spades have been used well!

Wow, what a lot of play dough! We have had an amazing time exploring the dough we all made at the weekend. Thank you all for your support with sharing the learning with your children. We have loved seeing how our dough has changed over the week. It now is a sparkly brown colour!

Thank you to all of our visitors so far! We have learnt about what a radiologist and a midwife do in their job. We have been learning about how to ask and answer questions. We have also taken part in a ballet lesson from Lauren's Mum which was great fun!

World Book Day 2017 assembly.

Pancake Day fun in Sparrow. We have enjoyed racing, making and flipping with pancakes and creating pancake inspired models.

In Sparrow Class we have got two new role play areas this week. We have an Opticians where we are trying on sun glasses and glasses and checking our eyes. We also have a baby area in preparation for a visit from a Midwife on Friday.

In P.E. this week we have been learning a range of new skills and developing our old skills further. We undertook a circuit of skills and we found the 'step ups' the most tiring!

In Sparrow Class we are planning a class wedding for the last week of term. If you have anything we can share with the children about weddings, not too precious, we would appreciate it. Each week we will fill you in on our preparations for the wedding. Keep an eye open for an invitation!

Happy Valentines and have a great Half Term everyone! We look forward to seeing you all after the holiday.

WOW, look at some of our amazing home learning! The dragons are in our class!

During our E-safety week we have been learning about what we can do to keep safe on the internet. We have talked about a range of ways to keep safe by reading books about characters that make the wrong choices. In Chicken Clicking the chicken clicks on items and buys them without permission and goes to meet someone from the internet without letting their Mum and Dad know.

We have had an amazing day being a large Chinese Dragon, trying Chinese food and making Chinese inspired art.

This week we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have been learning about where we live and where China is on our planet. We have made a Chinese restaurant role play where we can eat noodles and rice. We have been writing in Chinese characters and exploring a range of Chinese artefacts. We have beem making a large and small dragons for a dragon dance on Friday. We are looking forward to trying Chinese food at our banquet!

This week we are learning how to use Bee Bots. You can give them instructions and they move and follow your instructions. This is the start of giving code to objects to make them move. We have been using the language of directions to make them move. We explored how to make them move in circles and to move across the board. We are now using instructions to move them. Talk to your child about how they made them move.

We have been inspired by the icy weather this week. We have been exploring the ice around the setting, dissolving ice and sugar and making a home with an added pretend fire to keep us warm while we roast marshmallows! We even added fire extinguishers to our house.

After last weeks experiments and our icy weather we decided we wanted to explore how we could melt ice. We have used coloured water, salt and flour to see what happens. It has been exciting to talk about what we have observed and what we think about this.

This week we chose to explore a variety of versions of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have made the forest, a house, masks, puppets and much more. It has been great to see the independent learning the children have undertaken and their interests with this story.

As a class we wrote our own class version of the Jack and the beanstalk story.

Our beanstalk, garage and imaginary play!

During our science day we thought about how scientists use all of their senses to explore our world. We undertook chromatography experiments and listened to our hearts and stomachs using stethoscopes. Wealso found out about how germs and microbes can spread on our hands and how we need to wash them carefully.

Stunning Start Science Day 2017. During Science Day we were able to take part in some experiments like real scientists. We have learnt to observe changes and predict what might happen. We have learnt what the word dissolve means.

A new start to the term. Well done to everyone for settling back into learning in our class. We have enjoyed exploring the new role play castle in our class and finding out about how our class has changed over the holidays. With Mrs Lander we have made a role play garage outside. We have had fun making resources and props for our role play areas.

We are looking forward to welcoming our children back this week. It will be great to find out about all of the fun things they have been up to with families and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your cards, gifts and kind wishes at the end of last term.

Happy New Year!

Look, we made a town and it is in Spain!

During Christmas jumper day we came in with our teddy bears as a reward for gaining 100 marbles. We can gain marbles as a class and as individuals. We sometimes get them for good behaviour or learning. We also had the challenge of making decorating Christmas stockings today.

In Sparrow Class this week we are busy making a variety of Christmas gifts and decorations. We wont spoil the surprise and show them on the website. The children are very excited to share them with you next week!

We had a visit from the Light and Life team today. They taught us about the meaning of Christmas and why Christians celebrate Christmas. We found out about giving presents and why we give presents. We enjoyed singing songs and joining in with the actions.

Christmas encounter day 2016. We learnt about the Nativity and why we celebrate Christmas. We ordered the Nativity story and visited the church to meet characters from the story. We had a great day learning with children from every year group in our school.

We have been comparing items and using the mathematical language to describe them.

In the EYFS we learn to retell stories using actions. If we can talk a story we can read and write a story. This week we have continued retelling the story of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Our Christmas display. We have added our home learning to our class Christmas tree. Can you see our stars and our decorations?

In our EYFS we are learning to independently access our environment, solve problems and talk about the choices we make. We have found that learning with our friends and the adults in the setting enhances the learning experiences we have. We have been exploring a wider range of skills and experiences and this is helping us learn.

This week we have been exploring using a variety of mathematical measurement tools to find out the length and height of different items in the class, including ourselves. We have used the language of long, short, tall, longer, shorter and taller. We have measured using blocks and standard measuring equipment. We now know you need to start at 0 and begin at the start of the object you are measuring.

We have been learning about helping our school community and caring for others. We made chocolate crispy nests and they were sold at our Christmas fair to raise funds for our school. All of the school community helped so thank you to everyone for their help!

We have been exploring the Christmas Nativity in our class.

We are enjoying being Christmas Elves! It has been great to see the children writing labels to each other and wrapping presents!

Christmas Art Day 2016! We all had the opportunity to learn and make art with children across the school. We all made displays related to Christmas carols.

Until Christmas we will be revising our phase 2 phonemes. Please help your child recognise them, read them in words, make words with them and attempt to write them.

On Monday the 28th of November we will be undertaking an art day. This will be across the whole school to create our Christmas displays. This year we are going to make displays themed on traditional Christmas carols. We will get to learn with other children and adults from across the school. Have a look at the displays around our school at the Christmas fair on Thursday.  

We have been exploring our new builders area. We have been writing plans and adapting our designs. We have been talking about our choices and why we have selected resources.

Some of our big write ideas today! We are using our phonics and high frequency words to write our sentences.

We have made a new role play area. We are learning how to be builders and make plans of the places we want to build.

Children in need 2016!

In Sparrow each week we explore new learning areas. This helps us develop our thinking skills and our independence. It is great to see our confidence grow and how we are starting to transfer new skills to new experiences!

In Sparrow class we are learning to talk and give reasons for our choices. The adults are supporting us in deeper thinking questions and we are enjoying talking about our choices.

Over the next three weeks we will be learning the dances for our Nativity show each day and the songs. We will not be having a specific P.E. lesson during this time. We are looking forward to showing you our play. In Sparrow class we provide the costumes for the children.

Image result for nativity picture

Exploring media and materials to make fireworks displays.

In our mathematical development this week we have been adding two amounts together and recording what we have done in our own ways. Some of us have written a number sentence, some have drawn pictures and some of us have written the numbers and the total amount. We love counting in Sparrow!

This week in worship we have learnt about the story of creation. We have been thinking about looking after the creatures and animals in our world and we have been finding worms and minibeasts. We have been talking about how we need to care for the natural world around us and how we can look after creatures we find.

In Sparrow we have been learning about why we wear poppies at this time of the year. We have made our own class wreath to show our respect and to say thank you to all of the people who have fought for peace in our country. We each made a poppy and tow hand cut outs as the leaves.

We are learning to use our phonemes and new writing experiences throughout our setting. This week we have had our phonemes on stones and we have been making words and trying to write the letters in our cursive writing.

In Sparrow we are learning to use our imaginations to retell stories in our small world tray. This week we are learning about the story "Where's My Teddy?"

In Sparrow Class we love Strictly Come Dancing and the X Factor. We wanted to make a stage area to perform for our friends. We even have judges and are scoring our friends!

We have been using the apparatus and learning how to jump and land safely to protect our knees.

We have been learning a new prayer this week in Sparrow Class. You could try it at home!

We have been inspired by Goldilocks. We have made our cave into the 3 Bears home and are enjoying retelling the story in our own words.

We have been inspired by our bear cave to recall the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. Perhaps you could retell the story at home? We have been using the language of size when talking about the bowls, spoons and chairs.

We have been making 10 in different ways with numicon.

Mr Bear wrote us a letter and we went on a hunt around the school grounds to find clues about him and to see if we could find him a den.

BEARS! In the holiday a bear came to visit our class and made a den. He wrote us a letter and gave us clues about himself. Have a look at the pictures of our bear hunt.

Look where our troll inspiration has led us! We are retelling the story in our own words, making rivers and bridges and even making troll houses and beds!

In Sparrow class our children lead the learning from their interests. We made a bridge outside and decided we needed to make a troll and Billy Goats. We selected the resources ourselves and are now learning the story in class!

In Sparrow class we use numicon. This helps us see the numbers as amounts and shapes. We are already making number lines independently using numicon!

We are learning to cooperate and explore the setting with our friends. We are independently selecting resources and areas of the setting to explore.

We love to explore and talk about shapes and their properties.

We have been learning about the features of 2D shapes and we went on a shape hunt. Did you know our playground is a large rectangle?

Exploring body parts!

Autumn Celebration! We have enjoyed learning about Autumn and we have added items to our class display. Please talk to us about our learning at home and ask us questions.

We have been counting fruit and conkers to check how accurate we can be. We have been recognising our numerals. We then decided to make a shop. The children chose the items we needed for a shop and set it up. They made signs, organised the food and used their experiences to recreate the roles you would find in a shop.

We have been learning about pumpkins this week. We have read the story pumpkin soup and been learning actions for the story. We all helped cut up vegetables to make our own soup to take home to try. Look at all of the different pumpkins we have had in our class.

We are learning to cooperate, share resources and use our imaginations to recreate roles and experiences.

We are so proud of our children for running around the school field 3 times for our sponsored run! The children were pleased too!

Sparrow Class Harvest Festival...

Thank you to the children and parents that made our Macmillan Coffee afternoon such a success! We raised £48 for this good cause.

Sparrow class have independently made clay hedgehogs this week.

Sparrow Class Autumn Walk...

It was exciting to take part in our first BIG WRITE on Monday. In Sparrow class we made marks and drew ourselves with our special powers. Some of us wanted to fly, turn things into ice and even make chocolate rivers.... What would your special power be? Have a look in our class learning journal to find out about our ideas.

In the EYFS we are learning to use our imaginations, cooperate and use the resources in our learning area in a variety of ways!

Cooperating, mark making, learning to share and much more!

Phase 1 phonics - our crocodile likes to eat things beginning with the same sound and rhyming words!

Sparrow class have been reading CRUNCH! during anti-bullying week. The story is about being a good friend.

Travel Dino will be coming home soon with our Sparrow Class children.

Sparrow Class enjoyed learning how to jump, skip and French skip during the workshop.

Skipping Workshop.

During anti-bullying week Sparrow class have been learning about how to be a good friend in school. We have made our own friends poster, learnt a friends poem and song and made faces of our friends. In our daily challenges we have been learning to ask our friends to share games and resources with us. It has been good to meet new friends and learn that we are all different but part of Teversham school.