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Welcome to Sparrow Class

EYFS class at Teversham

Meet the team

Class teacher - Mrs Palmer

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Lander and Mrs Smith

Music - Mrs Taylor

Welcome to our class!

Welcome to Sparrow Class letter

Please see some of the important documents that will support you in understanding your child's experiences and learning and how you can help them during their time with us in our EYFS class.

Please take the time to look at the phase 1 phonics document attached. This will give you some ideas about how we are supporting your child with their listening skills at the start of their time in Reception.

Please take your time reading the document below that will help you gain an understanding of the Phase 2 phonics we have begun this week.

Please take the time to read our recent workshop presentation.

Please take the time to find out about the Phase 3 phonics we are learning this term.

Please take the time to find out about the Phase 4 Phonics we are learning this term.

Sparrow Class 'Stay and Learn' sessions. A great big thank you to the positive responses from our parents that visited our setting this week. We are extremely proud of our children and their learning and we are glad that we could share it with you all.

Our Class Gruffalo story.

Sparrow Class Teddy Bears Picnic 2018

Shepreth Wildlife Park Trip 2018

Sparrow are excited about the football!

This week we chose to learn about another Julia Donaldson story we are familiar with. We have been thinking about the story of the Gruffalo. We made face biscuits and wrote instructions to explain how we made them. They were tasty!

On Monday we took part in a juggling workshop. We used juggling balls and special flower sticks to explore the new skills we were taught.

We harvested our potato crop this week and were able to have them made into a potato salad for the whole school to try. We have been learning about how to grow and look after plants. It was yummy!

Superworm Week! This week we have been learning about the story of Superworm. We have been comparing items by their length and using real measuring items in the setting.

Insect making using our own ideas and our experiences with junk modelling. We have enjoyed talking about our insects, where they live and how they move.

Insect exploring with Sparrow Class!

We have one more session of Bikeability this week. We have enjoyed these sessions and have been able to develop our core body strength and balance.

This week we have been learning about other Supertato books and we have been making worlds, masks and props for our stories. We have enjoyed sharing our home learning about Super Heros and we have enjoyed using our imaginations for their super powers.

We have begun our learning about 'Supertato'. We love Super Heroes in our class.

Our Class Marble Treat!

This week we had an assembly and a visit by a World Champion BMX rider. He taught us about trying new things, 'having a go' and being resilient when learning. There is no such thing as failure and we can try again and learn from our mistakes. We loved playing the skipping games he taught us and working as a team.

We are enjoying using our outside learning environment and self selecting resources from our shed. We are looking forward to planting our seedlings out soon.

Our first 'Bikeability, Balance Bikes' session.

Sparrow Stunning start...Exploring our 'Wonderful World' and finding out about our living plants with their similarities and differences.

We had a fantastic time at the Fitzwilliam Museum. We read the story 'The Tiger who Came to Tea' and made our own teacups.

Sparrow Class Wedding Presentation

We have had a great start to the week with our new Opticians role play and learning about the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

Preparations for our Sparrow Class wedding. Today we have been making flowers, decorating table cloths and learning about the roles we will play tomorrow.

The Young'uns came to visit us this week and taught us songs and shanties. We really enjoyed learning the actions to add to the songs.

Phonics in the snow in our EYFS! We loved exploring how to move safely in the snow, describe the snow and use our senses to have fun in the snow!

Our Chinese Dragon dance in P.E.

We have enjoyed exploring our outside area this week and we have been making road signs and using our phonics in practical ways.

Chinese New Year has arrived in Sparrow Class. We have been learning about the customs, place and people this week. We have talked about what we would like to learn about in the setting. Later this week we will be making Chinese dragons and trying the food.

This week our Fairy found an egg and asked us to make nests for it. We cooperated with a partner and used found, natural items to make and join them. We talked about how if you find an egg you must leave it along so the bird can come back to it!

Sean Rose came to visit on Friday. We undertook our sponsored sports event and enjoyed trying new skills. He was an inspirational when he talked to us about his journey to winning gold medals and being the world champion in a range of sports!

Visiting dance session. We enjoyed a visit from Mrs Simmons who taught us a range of dance moves. We used our imaginations to go for a walk in a park. We enjoyed wearing costumes!

We have been exploring our new balancing and pathway logs.

Fairy Sparkles has been to visit our class this week. She has been leaving us messages and we have been learning about her family and life. Did you know fairies can travel on the back of bees? We have also been learning how to control bee bots this week.

Our Matisse inspired learning.

Being inspired by our story of the week...Little Red Riding Hood.

This week we have been writing for a range of purposes. We are beginning to realise that we can write anywhere and write for a purpose. It has been great to see the whole class begin to write simple sentences and reread them.

Lion King Dance Workshop. We had a great time and enjoyed learning a new dance!

This week we have been retelling the traditional tale of the Gingerbread Man. We have been retelling the story with actions and retelling it in our own words. We have been writing about the story, making Gingerbread Men and creating learning inspired by this story.

Visiting the 'Teversham Art Gallery' and selecting our favourite piece of art. Our Stunning Start...

Our Christmas Service 2017.

Christmas Party, Christmas party food and our Christmas lunch...

A big 'thank you' to Al from Hope Church for visiting us to retell a story from the Bible.

Some of our independent Christmas exploration!

We have written our own Nativity as a class. We are retelling stories by acting them out and the adults are scribing them. These are called helicopter stories. We can then act them out again later in the day.

This week we have been performing in front of an audience. We are so proud of how the children have behaved and the confidence they have shown when in front of an audience. We have also been busy making items to sell at our school Christmas Fair on Friday the 8th of December.

This week Christmas and the Nativity have come into our class. We are enjoying reenacting the Nativity and decorating our tree. Our role play area is changing into a Santa's workshop next week as well!

This week we made a large scale world in our setting. We wanted to add features we knew and we wrote labels for the places and people we added.

We have had fun this week making and adapting dens.

Children In Need 2017.

Well done Sparrow children. The eye check visitor was really impressed with your behaviour and your phonics recognition!

For one of our challenges this week we were all asked to make our own story map of 'We're going on a bear hunt'. It was great to see the growing imagination, story recall, fine motor control and use of writing on these story maps.

Big Draw Parents event 2017.

To help us understand the meaning of Remembrance day this week we have been making collage poppies, painting poppies and writing a class thank you poem. We have watched some clips on the internet explaining about why we raise money by buying poppies. Please see the link above for an animation we watched that has helped our discussions in class.

Big Draw event 2017. Please come into class on Friday after school to see the art we have produced!

Our first school disco. We enjoyed the neon face paints and dancing to the music.

This week we have been learning about story maps. These can help us retell a story and remember the sequence of events.

Sparrow Class had a visit from a radiographer to talk about the bones inside their bodies. We are learning the correct vocabulary for our bones. Perhaps you could talk to your child about this?

We have enjoyed coming back and using our new role play 3 Bears house. It has been great listening to the children make the story their own and adding their own ideas when characters come to visit.

In Forest Schools this week we made our phonemes in mud and with natural items.

This week we have been reading the story of Funnybones. We have been learning about the names of the bones in our bodies and about what our bodies are made from under our skin.

Take a look at some of our class displays!

This week we have been reading and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. We have been exploring our outside learning experiences and taking turns in our learning.

We went to the local church for our first time to celebrate Harvest.

Harvest and pumpkin exploration this week! We have been learning about what Harvest means and why Christians say thank you to God for the food we eat.

This week we have been learning about shapes and how to talk about their features. In our Forest Schools session this week we made shapes and drew them in the mud. What shapes can you see?

We have been using numicon. We can recognise the shapes and we have begun to know the number each piece represents. We tried to fill up a 100 piece board with numicon as a challenge.

Thank you for the kind donations to help us make our pumpkin soup today. We enjoyed talking about the ingredients and cutting carefully.

We are learning to write for a range of purposes. We are writing name labels when we want to keep a model safe.

We went for a walk to look for signs of Autumn around our school. We enjoyed flying sycamore seeds!

We are undertaking a variety of fine motor activities in class to help us gain strength in our fingers. This will help us when we begin to write. Perhaps you could try some activities at home such as using play dough, threading, using lego...?

In our P.E. lesson this week we tried a range of skills in a carousel. We moved in a variety of ways across benches, tried to throw at a target, use hoola hoops and throw and catch. We are developing our listening skills and understanding instructions when learning in P.E.

We have been using our imaginations and our physical skills outside this week.

We are enjoying exploring the continuous provision in the setting.

We have been learning how to form the letters of our names. Our home learning this week will give you lots of ideas to use at home.

We have been learning how to plant bulbs and help them grow.

Sparrow Class have been learning that we are all different but the same during our school Anti-Bullying week. We have been learning our school phrases to help us talk to others when we are not happy with the behaviour we experience. We have also been learning about our physical differences and our different preferences in life.

We have enjoyed exploring our setting.

Take a look at the images to see some of our classroom routines. In the morning we self register. We have a self service snack area. We have a sun behaviour chart and marble rewards that help us make the right choices with our learning in the setting. We are learning how to be good listeners when we are sitting on the carpet as a class. We have our class worship table area and we have learnt to say Grace before lunch and an end of the day prayer.We have an Everywhere Bear that lives in our class but might come to visit you at home one weekend! We have a class worry toy who helps us if we feel sad. Please take the time to look at these pictures with your child and ask them what they are. This will help you understand some of our routines and procedures. Remember to keep an eye on our class page for more updates!

Our first P.E. lesson in the hall. We explored different ways of travelling. Next week we will begin to learn how to take off and put on our shoes and socks by ourselves!