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Peregrine Class

Welcome to Peregrine Class

Meet the team

Class teacher - Mrs Davidson & Mrs Turner (Mon)

PPA cover - Mrs Taylor (Music) Mr Hobbs (P.E.)

French - Madam Marsh

Which surface creates the most friction? An experiment to find out.

Friday morning maths challenge - Sudoku!

Forces - a push or a pull.

Comparing Landscapes.

Building Stonehenge - the modern version!

Inspire Prayer Space

Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rock explained through drama.

We had such fun cave painting just like our Stone Age ancestors.

Testing rocks for different properties.

RE week - thinking about what Christians would do in certain situations.

Classifying rocks.

Historical timelines using BC and AD.

Meeting the Flanimals!

Revising place value.

Team building in Peregrine - a great first day!

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