Teversham CE VA Primary School

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Hummingbird Class

Welcome to Hummingbird Class

Meet the team

Class Teacher - Miss Steven

PPA Cover - Mrs Taylor (Music), Mrs Lander (HLTA)

Release time - Mrs Lander (HLTA)


Welcome to Hummingbird Class letter

Phonics and Spelling Workshop

Phonics Games Ideas

DT - landscape weaving

In Maths, we have been learning to record time. We combined Maths and PE to time each other completing a sports course.

Science visitor - Teddy Bear Hospital

Pizza Express Trip

Exploring 3D shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks

Red Nose Day 2019

In Maths, we have been learning about mass and weight using balance buckets to predict, balance and weigh objects.

Science Week - To tie in with our science topics of animals and seasons, we investigated how polar bears stay warm in cold conditions. We put our hands in cold water and then used a "blubber glove" to feel the difference.

DT - making a salad

In Maths we have been learning about fractions of shapes by folding them.

DT - pancakes!

Marvellous Middle - Places Past and Present

DT - designing, making and evaluating a fruit salad

Programming and debugging beebots

Visit to a Synagogue

In ICT we have been learning about programming and debugging. To do this we "programmed" our friends to move around the room.

SID TV 2019: Zap and Zoom - A Space Race - film for 3-7 year olds

Safer Internet Day will be on Tuesday 5th February 2019. Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet.
In this film we see Zap and Zoom help young children who are playing a video game at home.

Places Past and Present - Stunning Start. Today we used clues and grid references to find the answers to questions about our local area.

Reenacting the Great Fire of London - burning our model houses

DT - Great Fire of London model houses

Fabulous Finish - History off the Page, Great Fire of London Day

Shared reading

Looking for signs of autumn

Marvellous Middle - Florence Nightingale Making Morning

Money counting

A Timeline of Florence Nightingale's Life