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Mrs Swift - Early Years Leader

Mrs Harmsworth - Class teacher (Wednesdays)

Mrs Lander - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith - Teaching Assistant

Mr Jordan - Sports Coach

Mrs Taylor - Music teacher





We enjoyed planting seeds and plants for the Stunning Start to our summer term topic 'Ready, Steady, Grow!'

World Book Day 2016

Circus Skills - January 2016

Parent partnership information letter.

Autumn term planning for Sparrow Class.

Phase 1 Phonics

September 2015


We have been covering Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds.

The activities that we have looked at focus on rhyme, alliteration and blending the sounds in words together.

Below are some activities that you could try at home.



Continue a rhyming string (bat, cat, hat...)

Say some nursery rhymes together and think about which words rhyme.



Think of words that start with the same letter (boat, bat, ball) and ask your child what is the same about them. Can they think of their own group of words?


Sound talk

Split the sounds in a word and say it like a robot "m-a-t". Can your child blend the sounds together and hear the complete word?


We are going to start Phase 2 on Monday 5th October, so look out for your child's Phonics Pack, which will be in their book bag at the end of that week.


Phase 2 Phonics (October)


We have now learnt the following sounds:


s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c and k.


The children have been taught an action to remind them of the sound made by each of these letters. I have put a sheet in the children's phonics pack to explain what these actions are!


Using these sounds, there are many 3 letter words that you can make to practice blending the sounds for reading. For example, write the word 'sat'. Your child will be able to say each sound "s-a-t" and should now aim to hear the complete word. I

If your child has mastered this, please ask them to use their phonics cards to write a word that you give them. To be able to do this, they need to segment the sounds, hear them in sequence and place the cards in the correct order.


Please remember to use the reading diary to record any phonics practice that your child has done. 


Thank you!

Cherry Hinton Hall - November 2015

Phonics - week ending 13.11.15


By the end of this week, we have learnt these new sounds:


ck, e, u, r


These cards will be put in phonics packs on Friday.


We will also have looked at the tricky words 'the' and 'to'.

Tricky word cards will also be put in phonics packs this week. The children have been taught that they cannot sound these words out; they are 'tricky' because they don't follow the phonics rules that we have learnt. Instead of sounding them out, they need to recognise these words by sight.



We have now finished our balance bike sessions. The children did really well and on the last day ALL of the children rode a pedal bike independently!