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Welcome to Sparrow Class

Meet the team

Class teacher - Mrs S Smith

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Smith, Mrs Dickinson and Mrs Grigorescu 

Mon (all day) and Tues pm Cover - Mrs Lander (HLTA)

Music - Mrs Taylor

Welcome to Sparrow Class letter

Welcome to our Sparrow Class page. Please take a look at our learning. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the team.
Please take the time to look at the phase 1 phonics document attached. This will give you some ideas about how we are supporting your child with their listening skills at the start of their time in Reception.

Please see below our Phonics and spelling presentation to help you support your child with phonics in our EYFS.

Please see the presentation below for our 'How to help you child in the EYFS' at Teversham. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to any member of the team.

Remember to look at our Starz page to see updates and links to songs and learning we have been using in class.

We have learnt a class Grace to say before lunch and an end of the day prayer.

We enjoyed our visit from Dennis the Guide dog and his owner, Jad. We asked lots of questions and learned a lot about how hard guide dogs work. Dennis also had his harness taken off so that we could have a turn stroking him. The children were very well behaved and very gentle with Dennis.

Our caterpillars ate and ate and ate. They made their cocoons and then they emerged turning into beautiful butterflies. The children enjoyed releasing them into our garden!

Our independent learning in our choosing and challenging time and some examples of our home learning.

We all had a great time at South Angle Farm. The children were very well behaved throughout the day and the sun shone for us! We saw so many animals and the children had plenty of opportunities to feed , hold and stroke them. Well done Sparrow !

Choosing our own learning - inside and outside

In Maths this week we have been describing and making repeating patterns with at least 3 objects. Repeating patterns can be with colour, shape or objects and we used the resources in our class to make our own repeating patterns.

We have some small caterpillars arrive in our Curiosity cube. The children have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a Butterfly and watching the caterpillars grow. Fingers crossed we can release 5 butterflies into our garden in the next few weeks!

We have been exploring the Number bonds to 10 and finding out which pairs of numbers make 10. We have used Numicon and tens frames to find our answers and competed with each other to recall them the fastest!

Let's all do the 10 dance (number bonds of 10 song)

Come on everybody Let's all do the 10 dance. Grab your 10 partner and head out on the dance floor! A super fun and funky dance tune about the number combinations of 10. So do the 10 dance with 5 and 5, 6 and 4, 7 and 3, 10 and 0, and 8 and 2.

This week we have been learning about 'The Gruffalo'. We have listened to the story, story mapped it, retold the story using masks and puppets, 'jumped' into the book to explore the setting, drawn and labelled the characters and written the story for our Big Write.

Gruffalo song

We are enjoying our topic on 'animals' and have learnt about bees and how important they are. We had a bee keeper come to visit us in school and we enjoyed finding the queen bee in the hive and tasting honey!

We were very lucky to have a visit from DediKated dance school. We completed a 'Day at the Zoo' workshop pretending to be different animals whilst practising our dance skills.The children thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our crops are growing well. We have been enjoying finding beans and onions. We have have picked, washed, cut and tasted them. Some of us liked them more than others!

Enjoying the school disco

Mini beast hunting in the outdoor area

Our independent choosing and challenging

We have been ensuring that we work together in Sparrow Class and have introduced 2 new learning animals this week. The partner penguin and the team working tiger.

The Sparrow class talent show

Our 2 new learning animals for this week were the concentrating crocodile, to encourage us to focus and not get distracted, and the proud peacock to try our best and be proud of what we have achieved.

Our Maths learning this week has been about measure. We have used the vocabulary short,shorter,shortest, tall, taller, tallest and long, longer, longest to order and compare heights and lengths. We made towers taller than us, measured how long our feet are using non-standard units and had a long jump competition. We have also been counting up in 10's. Noticing that the tens goes up by 1 each time and that they always end in a zero. We hvae been exploring what 100 hundred looks like and counted out 100 objects to visualise how big the number is!

We have been continuing our interest in castles and construction. We have worked as teams to make our own castles and have enjoyed playing with the small world castles and making up our own stories.

We have been discussing what makes us good learners. We are using the Characteristics of Effective Learning as animals and trying to do this during our choosing and challenging time. We have introduced a Go for it gorilla to encourage the children to have a go at things and a persevering parrot to encourage the children to never give up. We will introduce some more learning animals this week! Please talk about these with your children at home as these are good learning skills for life not just for school!

The children have been interested in Kings and queens this week. They have used the material as robes, written labels and captions and made their own crowns in the construction area. They have decided that they live in a castle and so they made a castle in the outside area using the large construction. We will be continuing with this interest in the coming week.

There was much excitement today when we found a frog in our outside area. The children were very keen to look after it and we researched what the frog may eat in non-fiction books and on the internet. We read that they eat worms and snails so we hunted for some to feed him. We let him go safely back to where he was from.....but the visit may be more exciting than we first thought and we may find out more about it next week!

We have been enjoying our 'bikeability' sessions as part of our PE lessons. We know to wear a helmet to keep us safe and we have enjoyed developing our core strength and maneuvering carefully around the obstacles.

We have been reading the book 'Callum's Incredible Construction kit'. We made predictions about the story and used our inference skills to guess how the characters were feeling from the illustrations. As part of our challenges we used our planning sheet to design our own houses and then built them. What house would you build?


CALLUM'S INCREDIBLE CONSTRUCTION KIT by Jonathan Emmett and Ben Mantle Meet Callum, a small boy with BIG IDEAS and an INCREDIBLE CONSTRUCTION KIT with which to build them. When Callum collects more kit than his house can hold, it looks like he might have to stop ...

We have been enjoying exploring our new classroom and new resources and have settled in well after the Easter holidays. We are thinking about what makes us the same and unique as part of our topic this half term 'It's good to be me!'

Easter Encounter Day 2019 was a day where we learnt about why Christians celebrate Easter. We painted Easter eggs, made story boards and made Easter chicks. We found out about how Easter eggs represent the tomb Jesus was buried in. We enjoyed our day.

Sparrow Class Wedding 2019. In our EYFS we have learnt about how Christians celebrate weddings through holding our own class wedding.

Our Class Goldilocks story.

Science week 2019...During the past 2 weeks we have been learning about plants and how they grow. We have talked about the features of plants and we all planted beans. The bulbs and plants in our growing area are looking great!

We have been learning about how to use Bee-Bots this week. These are programmable toys that help us with our early programming skills. We have been giving them directions and orders on how to move.

This week we have been learning about planting beans and how to grow them. We have related this to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Happy Chinese New Year from Sparrow Class!

Take a look at some of the Chinese New Year experiences we have undertaken in Sparrow Class this week. We have enjoyed learning about a different culture and their celebrations and traditions.

World Book Day

Please take a look at the EYFS stories we have been reading and talking about this week for E-Safety week. It has been great to hear the children think about how to keep safe online and when using computers and tablets. We have also been able to talk about who to talk to at home and at school if we have a problem or are unsure of what we are doing with technology.

SID TV 2019: Zap and Zoom - A Space Race - film for 3-7 year olds

Safer Internet Day will be on Tuesday 5th February 2019. Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally with the theme: Together for a better internet.
In this film we see Zap and Zoom help young children who are playing a video game at home.

In P.E. this week we were learning how to use different height with our balances. We worked with our partners to make shapes on the floor and in the air with our whole bodies. We were very impressed with the childrens strength and balance!

sign2sing 2018/19 official music video. We will be learning the signs for this song ready to perform to raise money for this charity.

Watch the official sign2sing 2018/19 music video starring Jayne Fletcher Brander, Wayne Barrow Rachel Shenton and Oaklodge School

With our number blocks this week we have been adding two amounts together to make a total. We are really enjoying our learning with number blocks!

In Sparrow this week we have been exploring our boxes and their uses. We have been making robots and even a class castle! In P.E. we have been exploring shapes that we can make with our friends. What shapes can you see?

Happy Christmas from Sparrow Class!

Stunning Start orienteering and our 'Not a box' story learning.

Christmas has arrived in Sparrow Class!

This week we all took part in our Christmas Art Day. We went to learn in cross Key Stage classes and had the opportunity to learn with new friends from across the school and meet new adults. Take a look at the stunning displays we have created around our school.

This week we have met our class Everywhere Bear. We have been inspired by reading the story Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson. Please take a look at what he has been up to in school. He will be coming home to visit our children's houses over the next few weeks.

This week we have been thinking about how we can be a good friend in our setting. We have written a class charted in our own words. We are helping each other make the right behaviour choices. Please talk to us about our learning.

This week to help us learn more about our skeletons following our Funnybones story we had a visit from a radiographer. It was really interesting to learn about how we can have pictures from the inside of our body.

This week we have been exploring some of our new learning resources both outside and inside our setting.

Our Class Wreath

We all took part in a skipping workshop with 'Dan the Skipping Man' where we learnt how to skip. We all enjoyed the session and have now got skipping ropes in our outside area to practise the skills.

This week we have been learning about spiders. We have read the story 'There's a spider in this book'.We have independently made model spiders and designed webs. We have even made large scale spiders and webs outside. We have enjoyed learning about how spiders grow,eat, make webs and lay eggs.

This week we have been learning about our skeleton. We have read the story Funny Bones. We have enjoyed exploring our bones!

This week we have exploring our learning environment. We have been counting with numicon, cutting using scissors, building forts and castles, exploring numbers, reading and musch more!

This week we have been reading the story Pumpkin Soup. Take a look at our Starz page to see a copy of the story. We went to the church for our school Harvest Festival. We came back to school and cut vegetables to make our own Pumpkin Soup.

We went on a shape hunt around school. We have been learning about shapes and their properties. Perhaps you could look for some shapes when you walk to school in the mornings?

Our Autumn display

Loose parts learning. We are learning to use our imaginations with our outside resources. We have made trains, planes, walkways, car ramps and much more!

We went on a signs of Autumn walk around our school grounds. We found apples, pine cones, blackberries, conkers, hawthorns and much more! We talked about birds needing to eat berries and that we never eat berries or fruit without checking with an adult so we don't get upset stomachs!

This week we have been exploring and using a wide range of continuous provision resources both inside and outside of our setting. We have also been achieving directed learning tasks where we are asked to achieve some independent learning before choosing our next acitvity. This week we have all independently used clay and straws to make model hedgehogs.

We have been exploring a range of learning experiences in out setting this week. We are learning about all of the continuous provision resources we can access in the setting and we have started to use them in a variety of ways.

Sparrow Class have been learning our school Anti-bullying phrase; 'Stop it I don't like it'. We can use this phrase when we are learning with our friends and want to tell them we are not happy with the play.

We went into the hall for our first P.E. lesson today. We learnt about the space and our safe zone, how to move in a variety of ways and we even all took off our shoes and socks independently!

We went on a walk around school to find the Christian symbol of a cross. We found them in every class and in the hall.

Today we has our first music lesson with Mrs Taylor. We sang the song 'If you are happy and you know it' and we used some of the instruments. We enjoyed learning with a specialist music teacher!

We have enjoyed ourselves this week and have settled into the learning in the setting well. Take a look at some of the learning we have explored.