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History Curriculum Statement of Intent

Curriculum Plans for Each Year Group

Please see Class Pages for more information on the Termly Curriculum Plans for each class. 

Archaeology Day - In collaboration with Bellway and the Springstead Development 


As part of the ongoing work at the Springstead development, we were offered the opportunity of a visit from Chris Wakefield, who works at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. He came and spoke to all children in each class about what archaeology is and what an archaeologist does. He showed us a range a finds - from pre-history to the Anglo-Saxon era, telling the story of people from our local area through time and archaeological artefacts. We saw Roman pots with names inscribed on them which told the story of Celts trying to look cool and 'Romanize' their names for their new neighbours, animal skulls which told the story of which animals were kept and why, and even saw a 3,000 year old poo encased in resin! Chris explained that this was the best thing he has ever dug out of the ground because he tells us so much about the people living at that time - from what they ate to what diseases they may have had. And yes - he said that before it was encased in resin - it did still smell after all this time! 

Archaeology Day Photos

Year 2 - Trip to Duxford for our History of Flight topic

Year 5 Stunning Start - Becoming Anglo-Saxons!

Year 4 - A food tour of the Greek Empire

Year 3 - Mummification - a messy business!

Remembrance Day banner 2020

For Remembrance Day 2020, each class made poppies and stuck them to a letter to spell out the word 'remember'. This was part of our pledge to remember and thank those that fought and those that gave their lives to protect our freedoms. We have displayed this outside school for you to see. 

Year 3 - Making Stonehenge

History of Flight - A trip to Duxford

Putting dates on a timeline.

KS2 learning about how children were affected by WWI in Britain at Ely Museum.

History off the page - Great Fire of London

Recreating the Great Fire of London

KS1 Marvellous Middle - Days Gone By

Stunning Start for Days Gone By.

A visitor came to show Hawk class a family heirloom - a real Roman sword!

Hummingbird Class- Victorian school afternoon