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Homework 18.11.16

Homework 11.11.16

Homework 21.10.16

Homework 8.10.16

Homework 30.9.16

Homework 23.9.16

Spelling homework:

set 15/9/16

due 22/9/16

1. Show me at least 3 ways you commonly use to practise your spellings.

2. Either look for the definition of each word in in dictionary (and write it) or use each word in a sentence.

disorder, knock, polishing, washable, offering, vision, misplaced, distance, brilliant, thoughtless, prey, previous, cousin, passion, facial, lightweight, nationality, ceiling, variation, ferociously

Topic homework

Set 16/9/16, due 21/9/16

1. Getting from A to B

Most of the people in Victorian Britain would travel around on foot. Some people had horse drawn carriages but some rich people were lucky enough to have one of the first motor cars or to travel on steam trains. Imagine what it would be like to travel in one of these new inventions. Write a letter describing what the journey was like. You can draw the transportation to illustrate your work. 


Math homework

Set 16/9/16, due 21/9/16

worksheet on mental multiplication