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Our uniform

Our Uniform





We now have a royal blue uniform and logo, new for 2021. You will notice, like Teversham Primary School, Teversham Pre-School also adopts the lapwing as part of their logo albeit a smaller one. This is because our pre-school children are just at the start of their journey through the school. This visual link really establishes our strong relationship with Teversham Primary School, something we really want to celebrate!


The uniform is not compulsory, however we do offer a polo-shirt, sweatshirt and cardigan which display the pre-school logo, for any child who would like one. These continue to prove immensely popular with our children, who seem to derive a real sense of pride, camaraderie and belonging from wearing them. The items can be ordered from the Pre-School directly or online following this link:  


For more information please speak to Katie, the Pre-school Manager or