Teversham CE VA Primary School

Inspire Believe Achieve

Kite Class

Welcome to Kite Class

Meet the team:

Class teacher - Mrs Pinches

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Froggatt, Mrs Whalley, Mrs Doggett

PPA cover - Mrs Taylor (Music) Mr Hobbs (P.E.)

French - Madame Marsh

Spring 1

DT: Mechanisms

Computing: Launchpad Trip to University of Cambridge Department of Engineering

Autumn 2

Science: Materials - Properties and Separation

History: Visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon Reconstructed Village and Museum

Maths Games

PSHE/PE: Team Building

Autumn 1

Science: The Solar System - Day and Night

English: Debate - Should Beowulf and the Geatish warriors go to Denmark to help to free their allies from the terror of Grendel? We engaged in a heated and respectful debate of quality reasoning and dialogue!

PSHE: Anti-Bullying - We worked so hard on our comic strips and are so proud of them! They respond to scenarios of unkind behaviour with our school's three anti-bullying slogans: 'Tell, tell, tell,' 'Stop it; I don't like it,' and Don't be a bystander.'

English: Settlements and Civilisations - Inspired by the civilasation founded Wesley in our English text, Weslandia, we designed and presented our own civilisations; we had to consider the source of all of our food, housing, clothing, and entertainment.

Maths: Number and Place Value - We represented numbers by building, drawing, saying, and writing them before placing them on a number line to challenge ourselves to really get to grips with numbers with up to seven digits.