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Pancake day 2020

Today for pancake day we had a roll play area where we added lots of different toppings to our pancakes and served them on lunch trays. We used our cutlery to eat our tasty creations. In the art area we made frying pans and cut out pancakes to then cook and toss in the air, trying to flip them over. For snack we tried a pancake and got to choose whether we had the pancake warm or cold. we also talked about all the toppings they may have on their pancakes later.

Outside we were able to explore all the ingredients in pancakes. We tipped the flour into a bowl, cracked eggs and then poured milk in to mix it around. The eggs were tricky to crack and when we touched the eggs they were slimy. The chidlren then asked for more milk to make the perfect mixture for pancakes. The children then had a go at squeezing the lemons for the topping.