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Curriculum Statement of Intent for RE

Curriculum Plans for Each Year Group

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Religious Education

Religious Education is taught in accordance with the Cambridgeshire Agreed Syllabus. As an Aided School with a Christian foundation, in each year there is a focus on Christianity plus the opportunity for pupils to learn about and evaluate their own views on other world religions.  RE enables pupils to appreciate their own and others’ beliefs and cultures, helping them to develop a clear understanding of the significance of religion in their own area as well as in the world today.

RE intends to promote religious understanding and respect, and to challenge prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping.

It is concerned with the promotion of each pupil’s self-worth, enabling them to reflect on their uniqueness as human beings, to share their feelings and emotions with others and to appreciate the importance of forming and maintaining positive relationships.

We strongly believe that the purpose of RE is about religious literacy. This means we aim for children to be able to hold a balanced and well-informed conversation about religion and belief. We do this by exploring and asking questions.

The Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Policy for Religious Education

Year 6 making origami lotus flowers to understand the significance of the symbol to the Buddhist faith. It also helped us to understand how it feels to be 'enlightened' with knowledge after a struggle and facing a challenge.

Attending a virtual Christingle Service hosted by Ely Cathedral!

Christmas Encounter Day - Year 5 researching into our Christmas traditions

Year 6 visited the Cambridge Buddhist Centre to learn about modern Buddhist life

KS2 Christingle service.

Easter Encounter Day

Sparrow Class EYFS wedding. In the EYFS children learn best through real life experiences. We planned and took part in a whole day wedding. We learnt a lot from this day!

KS1 Visit to a Synagogue

Year 5 Ely Cathedral visit

Hummingbird and Kingfisher interviewed the kids and youth pastor from a local church

Parental Right to Withdraw their child from RE - please see document below.

Parental Right of Withdrawal from RE