Teversham CE VA Primary School

Inspire Believe Achieve

Kingfisher Class Year 2

Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Meet the team

Class teacher - Miss Godfrey

Management Cover - Mrs Lander (Thurs all day, Fri a.m.)

Mrs Belcher (Tues, Thurs & Fri) Mrs Hodden-Brown (Thurs)

PPA cover - Mrs Taylor (Music) Mr Friday (P.E.)

Final marble treat of the year! Fruit Skewers with chocolate, and a fun time together. Well done for a great year!!!

Enjoying another afternoon of fun after winning the 'Maths Marathon Race'! An afternoon of arts and craft. Well done Kingfishers.

Our trip to Wicken Fen - 'Getting in touch with the countryside', 'pond dipping' and 'minibeast hunting'. What a fantastic day!

Sponsored event with Premier Sport - World Cup Speed Kick Challenge

D.T. - The finished articles! We are very proud of our winding mechanisms.

Making our D.T. project with winding mechanisms. Paper Mache first, then painting, next decorating, and finally inserting the winding mechanism.

Well done Kingfisher Class on earning marble treat number 5! We enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the sun, and then we made sandwiches and a banana split to eat. We had a great time. 

Capacity - Reading scales in millimetres

Learning about weighing in grams

Coronation celebrations - making crowns and wearing them to our picnic.

Maths - measuring in metres

Maths - Looking for units of measurement on real items

A trip to Bottisham Village College for a Year 2 Net and Racket Festival

Our fantastic trip to the Raptor Foundation - finding out about birds, food chains and different animals.

Marble treat number 4! An afternoon of party games and parachute, having fun and working together

Following our designs in D.T. to sew and create our puppets.

Supporting Red Nose Day

Celebrating World Book Day

Computing - using an iPad to create our own Kandinsky 'Several Circles' by inserting shapes, changing colour and size.

Marble treat number 3 - An afternoon of food! Making truffles to take home and a banana split to eat in school. Yummy!

Playing our Ocarinas in assembly in front of the whole school.

Painting our own Kandinsky 'Several Circles'.

Learning to balance, jump and use the apparatus safely in gymnastics.

Marble treat number 2 - an afternoon of games, fun and dancing!

Christmas jumper day and party hats for Christmas dinner.

D.T. - Making our models of the vehicles we have designed.

Another reward afternoon! This time for winning our Maths Marathon Race. Well done Kingfishers!

Supporting Children In Need with a non-uniform day

D.T. - working together to explore axles and wheels to see if they are fixed or moving

Maths - Sorting shapes using our own criteria. Can you guess how they have been sorted? We have thought about regular / irregular shapes, right angles, number of sides and vertices.

Science - sorting and discussing items (and materials) for recycling, reusing, composte and waste

Maths - Looking for right angles in 2D shapes.

Science - Investigating if materials are absorbent or not.

Celebrating 100 Marbles with our marble treat of watching a DVD with popcorn!

Our trip to Duxford for The History of Flight. We had such a great time looking at all of the different types of planes.

P.E. Now we are learning to skip

P.E. developing out balancing skills