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Music Curriculum Statement of Intent

Curriculum Plans for Each Year Group

Please see Class Pages for more information on the Termly Curriculum Plans for each class. 

All pupils have an hour's music lesson each week with Mrs Taylor, a specialist music teacher. They attend a weekly singing assembly and there are both KS1 and KS2 music pages on Starz to support their learning.


Music in EYFS


The children sing songs together and sometimes play boom whackers or other percussion to accompany their voices. In group times they improvise, read and play rhythms and create music which communicates mood or creates as effect. They listen to music from different times and places and learn about instruments. The children will work alongside others, express themselves and be creative in response to music.

Classroom music in KS1


In KS1 the children continue to sing and play percussion. In year 2 they also start to learn to read musical notation and play the ocarina. Below are some comments from the children in year 1 about playing the ocarina.


"I love to play the ocarina because I love music" 

"I like how peaceful the ocarina is when we play it"

"I like playing the ocarina because it is very fun. The ocarina is very fun!"

"I absolutely love the ocarina because when I play it it sounds soooooooo nice..." 

"I have had a great time with the ocarina. I love it"

"I like playing the ocarina because it sounds so beautiful"

"Playing the ocarina is lots of fun"

"When I play the ocarina it makes me feel calm because it is smooth and extraordinary".


In KS1 the music they create starts to be planned more carefully. They are encouraged to consider a start, middle and end as well as choosing appropriate sounds and considering how to combine them well. They sometimes sing in parts and often accompany their own singing.

Classroom music in KS2


In KS2 the children sing more complex songs, including part songs, play tuned and untuned percussion as well as playing, composing and accompanying using keyboards.

The children play and compose on the keyboards for the majority of their music lessons. As they progress through the key stage they develop skills. For example when they learn to play chords they will start by playing one chord to accompany a piece. They would then move onto 2 chord pieces, through to more complex chords using some flats and sharps and onto pieces where they have to move between chords more frequently. Rhythm work also becomes increasingly complex as they progress through the key stage. In all year groups they listen to a variety of music, some classical, some from other cultures. ICT is also used for composing.

Performances on Fridays


Pupils have many opportunities to play instruments including in assemblies on Friday when we like to have live musicians play us in and out of the hall.

KS2 Choir


On a Friday afterschool KS2 have choir. The choir sing regularly in school events, perform in the annual music concert, take part in the choir festival, along with other schools in the Bottisham catchment area, and sing to entertain the attendees of Hope Church's 'Classic Cafe' twice a year.

Choir visiting Hope Chapel for their Classic Cafe Christmas Party 2022

Instrumental Tuition 


We currently have 5 instrumental teachers:


Mrs Parker - Recorder, Flute, Saxophone & Clarinet

Mr Garner - Brass

Mr Eisner - Guitar

Mrs Ludlam - Piano

Ms Rose - Violin, Viola and Cello

​All lessons take place during the school day, on a rota basis, and pupils can be taught individually, in pairs or occasionally groups of 3 (this is dependent upon which instrument is being learnt and whether children can be suitably matched ability/ experience wise). Pupils may start learning an instrument from year 2  (please note flute and clarinet are available from year 3 and Saxophone only when the teacher says you're big enough!). 

If you’re interested in your son/daughter taking up lessons please ask at the school office or contact Mrs Taylor on









Music Concert 25th May 2023

It was fantastic to finally be able to hold our, what used to be Annual music concert, again this May. Pupils from across the school, learning instruments, and the KS2 choir were able to perform in from of their peers and families. The children were absolutely fantastic - what a great evening of music!

University Woodwind Orchestra Concert

On Monday 13th March year's 3 and 4 went by coach to West Road Concert Hall. They listened to  selection of music from films played by the Cambridge University Woodwind Orchestra. Included in the programme was music from 'Harry Potter', 'The Increadibles' and 'How to train your dragon'. 

Carol Singing

At Christmas 2022 the children were invited to sing at 2 'lights switching on' events. One in Teversham village and one at Marleigh. Here are some images from the Marleigh event.

Music Making Afternoon


On Tuesday 15th Oct '19 Teversham hosted it's first ever 'Music making afternoon'. All the children learning to play an instrument in school (if they were ready - some new starters didn't participate) and a couple of children having lessons outside school were joined by musicians from Fulbourn Primary to make music together.

The event was led by Mrs Taylor and was both exciting and inspiring for many. The children played several pieces that they had been learning with their music teachers for several weeks and during the afternoon they had chance to sing and play along with others. They made a great sound!

Cambridgeshire Music Live 2020 - Demon Barbers


We were visited by the group ‘Demon Barbers’ on Monday 9th March as part of Cambridge Music Hub’s concert series. The group performed for the whole school in an interactive and entertaining way. The children were able to see several dance styles including sword dancing, clog dancing and hip hop. The musicians played guitar, drum and accordion and were able to play a good variety of musical styles.


As well as the fun concert two classes participated in workshops. These provided them opportunity to dance hip hop, clog and sword dances to live and recorded music.


After the concert and workshop one pupil said “today has been the best day of my life!”

Demon Barbers