Teversham CE VA Primary School

Inspire Believe Achieve

Kingfisher Class Year 2

Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Meet the team

Class teacher - Miss Godfrey

Management Cover - Mrs Lander (Thurs)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Dickinson (Tues - Fri), Mrs Belcher (Mon, Tues, Wed), Ms Hodden-Brown (Thurs, Fri) Mrs Jarvis (Mon- Fri)

Mrs Lander (Mon, Tues, Wed am - Fri)

PPA cover - Mrs Taylor (Music) Mr Mead (P.E.)

Marble treat of the year - The final one, an afternoon of fun.

An additional marble treat for winning the Marvellous Maths Marathon! A picnic with an afternoon of fun. We had to make our own sandwiches for the picnic. We had a fantastic time.

Enjoying sports day.

Our fantastic trip to The Raptor Foundation for science. We dissected bird pellets, met reptiles, watched an amazing flying show and then looked at lots of birds of prey and owls.

Capacity - First looking at real items, then estimating and using cylinders & measuring jugs to workout the capacity of different containers.

Marble treat number 4! We voted for A film and popcorn. We watched Space Buddies and really enjoyed ourselves. Well done Kingfisher Class!

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Art - Exploring clay after learning about the sculpture Grayson Perry

R.E. Lesson - Thinking about trust and why Christians trust in Jesus

Our puppets all finished

D.T. sewing our puppets and following our design

D.T. Exploring a range of different puppets for our new topic. Then learning how to sew to join material together.

Science - Looking at Microhabitats and taking photos of them with iPads to record our findings.

Marble treat number 3! An afternoon of iPads and fun activities

Discussing and creating food chains in science.

Kingfisher Class celebrating World Book Day.

Combining our Art and Computing skills to create our own 'Several Circles' picture in the style of Kandinsky.

Maths - learning about weight measuring in grams using weighing scales.

A well deserved marble treat number 2 - Watching the film 'Super Buddies' with popcorn, we had a great time.

Painting our own 'Several Circles' by Kandinsky

Using the apparatus in Gymnastics

3D shape work in maths - Exploring properties.

Our fantastic trip to Duxford for our History topic about flight.

Gymnastics - paired work creating sequences

Art painting - adding white to make tints and black to create shades

Writing codes for Beebots, finding bugs in our algorithms and then debugging them.

Christmas jumpers and party hats for Christmas lunch.

Year 2 Cast for the Nativity - A Bundle Of Joy

Performance Poetry

Still image for this video
We have been learning poems by putting actions to the words to help us remember them.

Supporting Children In Need 2021

D.T. Making model vehicles with moving or fixed axles and wheels.

We have made vehicles with either moving axles and fixed wheels, or fixed axles and moving wheels. This is what we did...

1. Investigated what axles were and how they worked.

2. Planned what our vehicle would look like and what we would need.

3. Built our model.

4. Used Paper Mache.

5. Painted our model.

6. Added detail to our model and finished it off.

7. Evaluated our work.

Science - Looking at and sorting materials for recycling.

Sorting 2D shapes using their different properties. Can you work out how we sorted them?

We are making poppies for our Remembrance Wreath. We even made one to remember the animals who were used in World War I.

Marble treat number 1 - An afternoon of party games and fun! Well done Kingfisher Class!

Science - finding out which materials are absorbent or not.

Giving clear, accurate instructions on how to make a sandwich.

Maths - Using equipment to help with our calculations

Having fun learning new games with our Year 5 Play Leaders

Science - investigating the properties of different types of materials

Our History Stunning Start