Teversham CE VA Primary School

Inspire Believe Achieve

Kingfisher Class Year 2

Welcome to Kingfisher Class

Meet the team

Class teacher - Miss Godfrey

Management release time - Mrs Lander (Wed and Thurs am)

PPA cover - Mrs Taylor (Music) Mr Winnington for P.E. (Thurs pm.)

T.A.'s during the week - Miss Traynier, Mrs Summers, Mrs Jarvis


Art - using clay to make our own piece of art work based on Grayson Perry's work.

We have had lots of fun learning about capacity! We had to measure the volume of containers carefully using millilitres and read the scales accurately. First we had to estimate and then we got to measure.

For our Festival Encounter Day, Year 2 learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali. We made tea light holders since it is the 'Festival of Light'. We learnt about the story of Rama & Sita.

Measuring the length of things using metres. First we estimated then we used trundle wheels and measuring tapes to find out actually how long the item was.

We had a visit from an archaeologist - it was very interesting.

Maths - learning to read scales accurately and comparing the mass of different items around the classroom. We really enjoyed it!

Another well earned marble treat (number 4!) - an afternoon of fun, including making and eating banana splits! 

Just before the Easter holidays, we managed to achieve our next 'Maths Marathon' target by earning points going on 'Numbots' at home each week practising our maths skills. We voted for an afternoon of activities with our teddies from home.

Our amazing trip to The Raptor Foundation supporting our learning in science. We watched a flying display, met some owls, went in the reptile house and dissected owl pellets, as well as looking at lots of different types of birds. What a busy day!

Our finished puppets along with our designs - don't they look fantastic!!

Sessions three and four - sewing and decorating our puppets

Session one and two of our puppet making - exploring how different puppets work and what they are made from. Then learning how to sew.

'Breaking the rules' fund raising day at Teversham School, don't we look great out of uniform!

Marble treat number 3 - We had fun using the iPads as well as 'Golden Time' in the classroom. Well done Kingfishers, keep up the great work!

Computer programming - Writing algorithms, spotting 'bugs' and 'debugging' our codes when programming our Beebots.

Art - learning about shades and tints.

In our session with Inspire Prayer Space, we were quiet and reflective and thought about a lot of different ways of helping and supporting each other.

Gymnastics - using the apparatus safely, creating different balances and landing carefully.

Computing - using iPads to take photos. We thought about whether it would be best to take photos in landscape or in portrait orientation and if we needed to zoom in for capturing the detail.

Christmas jumper day, party hats and Christmas dinner!

We had an art afternoon, which was our prize for winning the Maths Marathon. We had a choice of making Christmas Trees, 3D snowmen, printing, paper chains and Santa door hangers. We had a really nice time with Christmas music on as well.

'Godly Play' visited Teversham School to retell the story of the nativity with us. Look at the photos to see how the story builds up. We then completed some fun activities to remind of us of the story.

We enjoyed performing in our nativity called 'The Twinkly Nativity.'

Cinderella the pantomime comes to Teversham School - we loved it!

Active R.E. - thinking about 'why Christians think that Jesus is the Saviour.' As well as the key points of advent - Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.

Well done Kingfisher Class on earning your second marble treat! We enjoyed watching a film with our teddies, and popcorn!

Making our D.T. models and then the finished articles.

Supporting Children In Need 2023

Our fantastic trip to Duxford Imperial War Museum - Looking at different types of aeroplanes for our 'History of Flight' topic.

This is the start of our D.T. project 'Vehicles'. Today we investigated different types of vehicles looking at their axles and wheels. (Both toys and real items.)

Marble reward number 1 - We voted for an afternoon of 'Golden Time' with our friends!

Science - investigating materials to see if they were absorbent or not.

Learning to skip in P.E.

Paired work playing games to learn about the past and present tense.

Science - Looking around the school for different materials and their uses.