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Meet the team

Class teacher - Mrs S. Smith & Mrs Turner (Wed)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Smith, Mrs Fernandez

Music - Mrs Taylor

Harvest - this week we have explored different vegetables and described them. We learnt about where food grows and how to peel and chop the vegetables safely. We then made our own vegetable soup. It was delicious!

Growing cress to harvest our own food for harvest time

This week we have read Rosie's walk and story mapped it to retell independently. We set up obstacle courses to follow the route that Rosie took and practised our positional language.

We have been concentrating crocodiles this week and learning how to focus on one thing at a time without getting distracted.

We have been 'Teamworking Tigers' this week and are learning to work collaboratively in Sparrow class

Anti - bullying week.

This week has been the whole school anti-bullying week. Sparrow class focused on kindness and how to be a good friend. We read the story of Monty the Manatee who was different to the other animals and was treated unkindly. We discussed how this made him feel and what we would have done to welcome Monty to our class. 

We also read 'Have you filled a bucket today?'. This is a story about how we all have invisible buckets that get filled and dipped into by how kind other people are to us. We worked hard to become bucket fillers, with our class bucket, to put smiles on our friends faces by doing kind things. If we did something that was not so kind then this is bucket dipping and we need to say sorry and then change our ways to become bucket fillers again! We wrote on our class display some of the things we had done to make us bucket fillers.

If someone does something that we do not like then we are encouraged to say 'Stop it! I don't like it!' and to 'tell, tell, tell' if we are not happy.


We read the story of 'Please Mr Panda' about some animals who didn't get to eat any doughnuts as they did not use their manners. We discussed how important it is to be polite and to say 'please' and 'thank you' to people in our class. 

We introduced the animal 'Polite Panda' - I can be polite and use my manners. We are working really hard to be polite to all of our friends.

Finger gym - getting our fingers ready for writing

Exploring the maths resources and practising our Maths skills

We have been exploring the outside area in all weathers: investigating mini beasts, developing our gross motor skills and testing our learning characteristics

...More exploring of our new surroundings...We are being real 'Go for it Gazelles' and 'Exploring Elephants'!

Exploring Sparrow class - Our first 2 days - Getting to know our learning environment and collaborative working with our new friends

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