Teversham CE VA Primary School

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School Uniform

We are proud to wear uniform at our school as it is a way of celebrating our togetherness and creates a sense of identity and community.  It also helps set high standards and promotes pride in the school.

A uniform is hard-wearing, serviceable, reasonably priced, sensible clothing for active children. It reduces the need for a varied wardrobe and prevents daily arguments over what to wear! 



Navy blue sweatshirt* with school logo (or sweat-cardigan* for girls)


Plain navy blue sweatshirt/cardigan with no logo

White or navy polo shirt 


Grey trousers

Grey shorts

Grey skirt or pinafore dress

Grey long trousers NO LEGGINGS

Pale blue/white striped or checked dress

White, black, grey or navy socks

Black closed in shoes

Indoor PE:

Plain white t-shirt/Black or navy shorts

Bare feet

Outdoor PE:

As indoor plus: Plain navy sweatshirt & navy jogging bottoms



In order to maximise time in PE sessions, children should wear their PE uniform to school on PE days. (PE days for each class will be confirmed at the beginning of each term). On non-PE days, children should wear their full school uniform.


Please, please label everything. There is a greater chance of finding lost property if it is clearly named!

Examples of our uniform

School uniform flyer

We now order our school uniform from Schoolwear for Less.  It is available to order online, please click on the link below to place your order.

Thank you