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Class Teacher - Mrs Davidson

PPA Cover:  - Mrs Taylor (Music), Mr Hobbs (P.E.)

French - Madam Marsh


Welcome to Peregrine Class Letter

Christmas Encounter Day. Peregrine and Eagle were thinking about Christmas Cards and how they reflect the Christmas Story.

Eagle and Peregrine's Marvellous Middle - Chocolate Tasting and Evaluating!

Conducting an experiment to test the friction of different surfaces.

Peregrine Class have started learning about Forces. They were acting out a push or a pull.

Peregrine Class learnt about the story of the Spanish arrival, under Cortez, in Tenochtitlan. The death of King Montezuma and the final battles that lead to the fall of the Aztec Empire. They then re-enacted the story in groups.

Our Act of Service - litter picking in the playground.

Learning how rocks become soil through drama.

Dan the Skipping Man

Understanding the 3 different types of rock through drama!

Exploring the characteristics and properties of rocks.

Stunning Start - September 2018. What could have happened? The children were historical detectives for the day.

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