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Year 2 - using weighing scales

Peregrine Class - exploring multiplying and dividing by 10's and 100's.

Peregrine exploring angles as the measure of a turn using lolly sticks!

Drawing 2D shapes in Peregrine and finding the perimeter.

Measuring length in Kingfisher Class - starting with cm's and then m's.

Hawk Class - Year 6 practising calculating below zero with a fun game

Weighing using scales

Peregrine Class were building 3D shapes with straws. A very successful morning!

In our EYFS we are exploring shapes and patterns and length.

2D shape work

In our EYFS at Teversham we enjoy learning about numbers throughout our setting. We use a range of counting apparatus and enjoy learning about numbers and their properties.

Helping children at home to improve their mental maths skills.

Websites for learning key facts.

Progression of calculations throughout the school.

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