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The Brook Street Band visited us on Friday 8th March bringing the music of Handel to life for us. The musicians played on a harpsichord, various different sized recorders, a violin and a cello.

Brook Street Band

Music @ Teversham Primary


At Teversham we offer many opportunities for children to make music and learn to play instruments. 


We currently have 5 instrumental teachers:


Mrs Ludlam teaches Piano and Violin.

Mr Dopadlik teaches Recorder, Flute & Clarinet.

Mr Eisner teaches Guitar.

Mr Dawson teaches Trumpet and Trombone.

Mr Cooper also teaches Violin.

​All lessons take place during the school day, on a rota basis, and pupils can be taught individually, in pairs or groups of 3 (this is dependent upon which instrument is being learnt and whether children can be suitably matched ability/ experience wise). Pupils may start learning an instrument from year 2  (please note flute and clarinet are available from year 5). We currently have 46% of pupils in years 2 - 6 having an instrumental lesson!

If you’re interested in your son/daughter taking up lessons please ask at the school office or contact Mrs Taylor on JTaylor@teversham.cambs.sch.uk




All classes have an hour music lesson per week and all pupils attend a weekly singing assembly. All these are led by Mrs Taylor our PPA music specialist. Mrs Taylor works hard to link their music lessons to their topic of the term and has both a KS1 and KS2 starz page.

In class music lessons the children sing, play instruments, compose and listen to music from a wide range of genres.


The instruments used in classes are:


  • EYFS – classroom percussion instruments 
  • Year 1  - classroom percussion including pitched percussion (boom whackers and chime bars)
  • Year 2 – ocarinas and classroom percussion


  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 – Keyboards and classroom percussion

sign2sing 2019 official music video.We have learnt to sing this song as part of our fund raising for the sign2sing deaf charity.

Here are some photographs of us singing our sign2sing song.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our EYFS class have music lessons each week.

Our EYFS class have music lessons each week.  1



In addition to music lessons there is a KS2 Choir. The choir has sung in ‘Little Britten’ at the Corn Exchange and has participated in the ‘Circle Schools choir Festival’ at Burwell village college. The Choir regularly visit the lunch together group at Hope church where they sing to entertain the diners.

We took part in Sign2Sing's annual fundraising event again last spring. We often learn signs in worship as this helps us learn the song words and teaches us a valuable skill at the same time!

Choir singing at Mothers Day Assembly

Travelling by tuba. Each year we try to arrange for some musicians to come and perfrom for us. Last March we had 'Travelling by tuba' play for us.

The Young'uns came to visit our school to teach singing workshops and led an assembly.

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